December 2, 2016

Apple problems iOS update to fix iPhone 7 connectivity issue

Apple company released an iOS update to deal with the complaints of thousands of  Verizon’s clients who were encountering signal drops and unexplained issues with GPS when using the handset. The update is designated 10.0.3 and its completely focused on restoring the connectivity issue for those handsets. If you have an older iPhone, you won’t see the update that will pop up.

It’s unclear precisely what the issue was. However, iPhone 7 owners began complaining regarding the unit randomly falling is LTE signal or displaying a “No Service” icon when trying to use Google Maps or Waze. This appears to be a concern primarily with how the phone interacted with Verizon’s networks and several users have theorized that it had to do with the telecom handles sending voice and data simultaneously. There are toggling the “Enable LTE” perform to “Data only” in the configuration panel appear to temporarily fix the issue, based to Gizmodo.

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There is also the change that the issue originates from a basic flaw with how the iPhone 7 using iOS 10communicates with any CDMA-based network, which features those of Spring, Verizon, US Cellular and many other global providers. Some users of various networks have documented similar service issues, so this may have long well beyond Verizon’s client base. Whatever the real issue and its origin, Apple has released an official mend. So if you’re an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus user who’s encounter unsteady mobile service over the course of the last month, look at for an OTA or over-the-air update.  

October 6, 2016

Inside of the new LG V20

LG has been tease their new LG V20 device over the few weeks, the handset is now official see the specs and details on LG newest phone.

LG V20 packed with 5.7 inch IPS Quantum Display with QHD resolution of 2560x1440px. This handset is powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and it also has a 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage it’s also include a microSD for expansion up to 2TB cards.  

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Some other specs on the new LG V20 include 32bit Hi-Fi Dac and HD Audio Recorder, furthermore the phone features a high-end cameras. A 8 megapixel camera with wide angle lens and 16 megapixel camera with standard angle lens and a 5 megapixel wide angle lens for front facing perfect for selfie or group shoots. Also, it comes with a detachable 3200mAh battery, connectivity option includes Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, Qualcomm Quick Charge, fingerprint scanner and a lot more.  

This new handset is one the first handset to come with Android 7.0 Nougat, this smartphone will release in South Korea and then in other regions in the next few weeks.

July 31, 2016

Beware of Public Mobile Charging

Carrying our smartphone everywhere a habit, there are days that we run out of battery out in the public and instantly we go to public charger to charge our phone. However, there are consequences when using public chargers.  

Kaspersky Labs Security Experts found that they can install a third party application such as virus into a phone via USB cable connection and they took them only three minutes.

Experts also found that iOS and Android leaked a host of private information’s to the computer where they connect the whilst charging including the serial number, device name and type, manufacturer and the list of files.

Alexy Komarov, Kaspersky Lab researchers said, "The security risks here are obvious: if you’re a regular user, you can be tracked through your device IDs; your phone could be silently packed with anything from adware to ransomware. And, if you’re a decision-maker in a big company, you could easily become the target of professional hackers, And you don’t even have to be highly-skilled in order to perform such attacks, all the information you need can easily be found on the Internet.” 

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Hackers have already used the connection back in 2013, Italian hacker identified as “The Hacking Team” were able to invade a phone with malware via computer connection. 

How to protect your phone from hacking?

  1. Plug your handset into trusted computer, using your trusted USB cable.
  2. Secure your phone with password.
  3. Use protected applications like WhatsApp to convey.
  4. Update your OS because it will have the most up to date bug fixes.
  5. Importantly, never ever use public charger. If you can wait until get home, it would be better.
Do you have other suggestion to make your phone secure? Comment your thought below and we will add it.

July 17, 2016

Budget smartphone getting hot this summer

Since a huge demand of smartphone today, phone producers are battling offers a budget

Within the past days, Samsung released Galaxy Wide, Pantech SKY IM-100 and LG. All these company offer retail approximately $170 and subsidies from phone providers make them even more affordable.

Phone manufacturer are struggle in the period between February when they present their newest handset at the annual MWC and September at IFA. During the summer, they have unveiled budget-friendly handsets. However, this year those cheap smartphones come with expected features from top quality models. Many consumers no longer feel the need to spend for premium models when less costly phones are good enough.

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According to research director at Gartner, Roberta Cozza, “Users are opting to replace within the basic smartphone category without necessarily moving to high-end smartphones,”. “Local and Chinese brands are delivering more capable basic smartphones with appealing features at a lower price. Instead, these more advanced and attractive basic smartphones fulfill user’s needs at a lower cost.”

After the successful lunched of Pantech SKY IM-100 via SK Telecom and KT last June, a total of 8,000 units were sold over the past weekend. Within the pre-order time before the release, Pantech acquire the third largest smartphone producer in Korea.

Pantech Company said it provided 20,000 units to SK Telecom and 10,000 to KT. Pantech spokesperson said, “Initial sales are quite upbeat, We expect to achieve the sales target for this year of 300,000 units.”

July 14, 2016

Google VR Shell Allow You To Browse The Entire Web

It has been reported that Google will be having their new updates for its Chrome browser
developer version that includes VR Shell for Android devices.

The improvement of the VR Shell t its Chrome browser will enable users to see the whole web in virtual reality to just websites that are exclusively created for VR.

Over the past couple of years, Google has performed an active part in assisting to roll out, drive forward the WebVR common, and feature that enable for the development of virtual reality websites. Equipped of providing their content straight to virtual reality handsets when necessary.

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The newest VR shell is now searching to make any websites accessible in a virtual reality surroundings and has been incorporated in the newest develops of Google Chromes Beta and Google Chrome Dev for Android. The Road to VR website explains:

"Chrome Beta now contains a WebVR setting which enables enhanced VR device compatibility with VR websites built against WebVR standards. Chrome Dev (one extra step back in development from Beta) now contains a ‘VR Shell’ setting"

Fran├žois Beaufort Google evangelist explains more :

"They’ve also been working towards WebVR support in Chromium and launched VR view’ to help web developers embed VR content in their web pages. The team is just getting started on making the web work well for VR so stay tuned, there’s more to come!"

The Samsung launched a VR browser for their Gear headset a year ago which has similar performance, however it is not available to the larger Android environment. As the firm version of Chrome on Android has been downloaded between 1 to 5 billion times it holds to bring VR web browsing to a bigger group. Furthermore, Google development of Chrome support for headset like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on desktop.

June 28, 2016

The next iPhone may come with huge camera lens

Leaked photos trace that Apple upcoming iPhone might be come with possibly a dual lens
leaked photo
camera or a huge lens or maybe both.

One suggest what is possibly the iPhone 7 will come with an extraordinarily large camera lens. In camera, lenses size concerns as it affects how much light can get into the sensor and therefore how excellent the camera is in poor lighting.

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The size of the lens is also a sign of a bigger CMOS sensor to process the dark lighting chances.

The new smartphone probably will announce this coming September, so expect more rumors and leaks and reviews with this new handset.

May 31, 2016

Smartphone continue to crash - Company sadden

Microsoft company is expected to lay off almost 2000 persons after devastating acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone business as it drowns on the software giant that it’s never going to make progress in the market industry.

Intel and Microsoft are considered that they might stitch up the smartphone business as properly as they managed the Computer business. 

Microsoft recent statement that it will lay off 1,850 people follows on Intel announcement just couple weeks back that they would lay off 11% of people.

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These giant companies have taken a while to get up to the unpleasant reality that neither of them really matter in the least in an industry focused by low-priced chips and improved products.

Two years ago, Microsoft bought Nokia’s smartphone business for $7.2 billion and last year they cut nearly 8,000 jobs.

The most recent work cuts will come in Finland and the $950 million it produces off today, meaning it has to pay nearly a quarter of the sum bills.

A week ago, Microsoft company reported it would sell off a portion of its phone business to a section of Taiwanese manufacturer giant Foxconn.

Hopefully, there are no more job cuttings, many people seeking a decent job.

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